so i went out to get some water and
there was a fucking moth
just casually flying around the kitchen
at one point it landed on my face for a split second and i totally flipped
i don’t like bugs

[3:23:27 AM] cwiis: oh my fucking god
[3:23:30 AM] cwiis: shit wrong chat
[3:23:44 AM] cwiis: a friend linked me a blog dedicated entirely to pizza
[3:23:45 AM] Princess Somasis: oh my fucking god


hehehe, she loves music



hehehe, she loves music


octavia riding a cow on the side of a cliff while big mac fucks a tree on a unicycle

they’re humans because why not

giant sword wielding bananas that wear fedoras

taking art requests i guess

anything to get my mind off things

How to fix your drawing

Ok, when I look at your faces, I see they look long in the top left to bottom right diagonal

Now if I use the skew tool, I can make it look somewhat better

Hope this helps!


haha yea thanks

i’m aware of that but it’s mostly due to my own laziness, wasn’t aware there was a tool to fix it

oops it’s 6 am again what the fuck me
might do some art requests tomorrow, i need to start practicing if i ever want to draw beyond a third grade level


Humanized Pony&#160;: Lyra Heartstrings by emperpep


When your friend makes a really funny joke but its in an inappropriate place and but u still laugh